Gateshead Pubs starting with C

This is a record of Gateshead pubs starting with C, that has ever been, as best as is known.
It's open if the name's in red, 
Go get a pint, with a frothy head. 
If its name's in brown, 
It's gone..brown bread...dead
If the name's been changed
It's in a blue hue
And the new name
Is provided for you


Also see under Ye..previously called Ye Old Cannon

Original Cannon Building

1827 William Bridon
1828 Robert Clements
1847-48 William Angus
1851 George C Geldard
1856-8 John Nevin
1855 J. Redshaw
1858 J. Nevin
1868 Robert Oliver
1897-1906 Mrs Jane Bagnall
1907 Miss Eliza J Bagnall
1909-1912 H. Oubridge
1914-21 David A. Fraser
1925-39 George Chapman  Young

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Captain Cook

Bottle Bank, Gateshead
1790 Robert Barnes

Carlisle & Brandling Junction Inn

1844 Ralph Crow
1848  George Middlemist
1858 R. Boston


137 Bensham Road

1850 W. Garbutt
1865 Lawrence Boynton
1879 Mrs M. Hopper
1884 Nicholas Whitfield
1906-34 John Reid


Hutt Street

1853 T. W. Bainbridge

Causey House / Causeway Hotel


Sheriff Hill     Gateshead .
No longer a's a dwelling house    

Here, as a pub


1858 J. Smith
1907-18 E. Emmerson
1921 Robert Smith
1929-34 Hy. Emmerson               

As of still is


Chopwell Gateshead
Just up from the Chopwell pub, now closed



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£1m was spent on renovations.

1906-18 Swinburne & Co
1934 William Carr

As of 2016


Was called Huntley Well, Winlaton Mill
Now closed

The Chopwell 

Chopwell Gateshead   

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Chopwell now well chopped

Clavering Arms

15A Mulgrave Tce
1907 I. Tucker & Co
1915-18 H. Bootiman

Clavering Arms


1858 W. Oxley
1865 Edward Hedley
1894 George Errington
1897 Mrs Elizabeth Errington

Clavering Arms


1858 M. White

Claxton Hotel

Sunderland Road

1906-18 William John Costelloe
1934 James W. Carr

Clippers' Inn

Durham Road, Birtley

1868 Thomas Scott


Part of it was The Half Moon

Coach & Horses   

Birtley  Gateshead 

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1868 George Gibson
1906 John Murphy
1914 John Edward James Gailes
1934 John Robert Hughes

Coach & Horses 

Wrekenton Gateshead 

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One of the stopping places for mail, up until 1844 when the railway started carrying mail, was this pub. The pub was known as Red Robin's, which was the nickname of the publican Robin Rogerson
He had a sign with a picture of the pub, and these lines:
"Red Robin lives here
Sells good wine and beer
Pass you East or pass you West
If ye pass here, ye pass the best"
Robin Rogerson was the first Red Robin and, per Thomas Wilson, the second Red Robin was his son Phillip. Next, came Margaret Stephenson, the married daughter of Phillip, who called herself Red Peggy. An additional claim to her fame is that the nearby road down to the A1 is officially called Long Bank but, to this day, is nicknamed Peggy's Bank, where, as a girl, she played
Next came, in 1843, Isabella Stephenson (''Red Bella")
Here are subsequent publicans

1853-56 Thomas Smith
1858-73 George Armstrong
1905-08 Davison & Wood
(1906 Thomas Graham)
1909 H. Shaw
1911 G. W. Lewis
1918 J. W. Brown
1915-18  A. Taylor
1914-25 James H. Ogden
1931-35 R. H. Gilbertson
1935-39 R. Deuchar Ltd

On the left is R. Dobson, on the right is the publican James H. Ogden or R.H. Gilbertson..probs James H. because the clothing is very Peaky Blinders, which was set in the 1920's

Updated pic 2016

Coach & Horses

Old Durham Road

1858 G. Armstrong

Coach & Horses

76 High Street, Gateshead

1844 James Hood
1850 J. Soulsby
1853 G. Lawson
1858 G. Woolston
1865 Joseph Barlow
1906-08 Thomas Johnson
1915 A. Taylor
1934 Thomas T. Tucker

Coach & Horses


1844 Hannah Watson
1855 J. Benden


Whickham  Gateshead 

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As of 2016

Coal Waggon

Windy Nook
1827 William Park
1827-1833 Robert Smart

Coast to Coast

Metro Centre, Gateshead
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There are many drinking establishments in the Metro Centre but only two have been included here as pubs..this one (borderline) and Wetherspoons. The others are considered restaurants that serve drink.

Cock & Anchor

George Street

1790 Mrs Smith

Cock & Anchor

Cannon Street (High Church Chare)

1782 Thomas Wake
1790 Stewart
1811 Hindmarsh
1838 Roger Brown
1844-50 Elizabeth Bowlt
1853-55 E. Trotter
1865 R. Wright
1906 Mrs Isabelle Henderson
1907 W. Bell

Colliery Inn


1894 William Gilchrist
After being a pub it became a Club, then a Post Office, now a private dwelling


Low Felling

1827 Thomas Gourley (pub called Lord Collingwood)
1844 James Brown
1858 M. Davison
1877 Henry S. Coxon
1882 Andrew Chisholm
John Atholl Ratcliffe
1906 Boyd Johnson
1915 A. H. Higginbottom & Co
1931 J. G. Ratcliffe
1939 Robert W. Fox


Half Moon Lane

1850 Margaret Johnson
1853 Catherine Revely
1865 John Robinson
1907-18 I. Tucker & Co
1934 Joseph Arthur


Winlaton Gateshead. 

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Called The Murderers by the locals

1865 William Dinning
1868 Mrs Mary Dawson
1897 William Rayne
1903-21 William Johnson
1925 William Harle
1929 Swinburne & Co
1931-39 Newcastle Breweries
See photo below. The Blue Star is still on show in 2016

As of 2016

Corkcutters Arms

Rabbit Banks

1850 G. Wilson

Crayshaw Inn

East Street, Gateshead

Cricketers Arms

Prince Consort Road

1907-18 H. Fail & Co.


Bill Quay Gateshead
Previously Cricketers Arms, Quay Tavern and Cromwell

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1894 Joseph Burdis

As of 2016


Cromwell Street

1907-18 T. Dellow

Cross House 

Deckham Gateshead

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Rob's Score: 5

1907-18 Davison & Wood

Updated photo 2016

Cross Inn


1868 William Lishman

Cross Keys

Durham Road
Low Fell
Now Belle Vue

1827 Robert Brewis
1833 George Atkinson
1838 Joseph Hindmarsh

Cross Keys

Ravensworth Road, Dunston
This was found in the attic of the building when it was being demolished. For more see Metz

1827 Thomas Frost Snr
1838 T. Thompson
1844 George Henderson
1865 John Dunning
1889 Thomas Noble
1902 Joseph Hutchinson
1915 Henry Fail
1918 Robert Moffat
1907-39 John Rowell & Son Ltd

Cross Keys

Pipewellgate, Gateshead

1790 Geo Humble
1782-1833 Joseph Davie
1838 Andrew Clark
1844 R. Hedley Wheatley
1844 William Dalziel
1848 John Simm
1850 T. Hunter
1853 J. Conolly
1865 Joseph Baker

Cross Keys

35 Bridge Street, Gateshead

1850-55 R. Bell

Cross Keys

Low Teams

1850 T. Bell

Crowley Hotel

Front Street Swalwell

1894 Ralph Hepplewhite
1918 George Graham
1931 J. Gillender
1939 J. Rowell & Son


Romulus Tce

1865 Isaac Brown


Cross Street

1865 John Valentine

Crown Hotel

Name changed to Bar Mondo, then to Tap@Carters Well

Wilson Tce, Durham Road, Low Fell
per Gateshead Local Studies here
The Crown Public House, Low Fell, 1950
1855 J. Patterson
1858 T. Neilson
1897-1912 John Sisterson
1915-18 E. Metcalf
1925-31 William Beadling
1934 Matthew Smailes
1939 R. Deuchar Ltd

Reference No: GL004275


The Crown was situated at 512 Durham Road in Low Fell. It first featured in the Trade Directories in 1847 and was later taken over by R. Deuchar Ltd in 1933. It was a common Victorian past time to become members of pub's horticultural and flower societies. Records from 1853 describe a full set of winners for the Crown's popular Flower and Vegetable show. Many of Gateshead's beer-houses were converted dwelling houses consisting of no more than a single room in which to serve people. This often depicted a poorer end of the public house market, but however this terracing did not always mean a lesser class of establishment, especially where, like the Crown, the pub is located on a main road. As part of a re-branding many old pubs have tried to take a modern approach to hooking in a new trend conscious crowd. The Crown had its name changed to Bar Mondo in the early 00's. It has more recently gone through another re-branding and was reopened in December 2013 as "The Tap @ Carter's Well" referencing the close proximity to the historic Carter's Well. Irrespective of recent rebrands, to some it will always be The Crown.

For all, including history see Bar Mondo

Crown Hotel

145 High Street

1865 John Thompson
1906-08 Henry Robson
1915-18 Mrs M. J. Robson
1934 Robert Burn

Crown Hotel


1894 Benjamin Grey
1906 John Joicey

Crown Hotel


1906 Mrs Elizabeth Robson
1914 Joseph Taylor Humphrey

Crown & Anchor

South Shore

1811 Rippon
1833-38 Mary Tindale
1839 Robert Andrews

Crown & Cannon 

Winlaton Gateshead

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Rob's Score: 5

1844-65 Jane Parker
1897-1911 Brice Lockey
1911-14 Mrs Anne Lockey
1915-18 Robert Newton
1921-25 John Miller
1929-35 James Hudson
1935 Robert Bilclough
1939 Henry Bilclough

As of 2016


Coatsworth Road, Bensham Gateshead
(next door was the pub Victoria)

Rob's Visit: 20/11/03
Rob's Score: 4

1906 James Wilson Deuchar
1907-18 J. Deuchar Ltd
1934 Robert Chisholm


Whickham Gateshead

1931 Mrs Ethel Campbell
Now back to Crown..formerly called Ye Olde Lang Jack

Crown & Thistle

32 Pipewellgate
Sam Bell in the front holding child

1790 G. Coulson
1827 R. Barns
1833 George Cryle
1838 Ann Cartledge
1844 Francis Gribbin
1848 John Young
1850 R. Wright
1853-58 Mrs Ann Wright
1865 Catherine Hannon
1906-18 J. Tucker
1910 Sam Bell
1933 George Cryle

Crown & Thistle

Windy Nook

1855 Thomas Dixon

Crystal Palace

25 Oakwellgate

1858 J. Potts
1865 Joseph Hopper
1906 William Scott
1907-18 R. Deuchar Ltd

Cup and Coins

See Last Orders, the current name of the pub once called Cup and Coins, then Balmoral Tavern, then the current name. Cup and Coins named for this event. In 1812, in Heworth churchyard, a clay pot containing twenty three coins was discovered. Eventually, these very authentic, seeming"ancient", coins turned out to be a hoax. Here's a ditty wot I wrote

There's a great long illustrious list

Of Famous Felling Folks

Including the genius creator of
The Heworth Hoard Hoax

A new pub chose Cup and Coins
That name really said it
Unfortunately, that's the only thing
The pub had to its credit

It's now on its third name
No doubt it'll change again, quite soon
May I make a suggestion?
The Last Chance Saloon

(This was meant to be sarky...but actually it's a great name)

It is now called Brandling Inn

Curley's (prev. Phoenix)

High St Gateshead 

Rob's Visit: 14/11/03
Rob's Score: 5
1915 Foord & Curley
1937  Will Curley

Will Curley b 1876 d 1937

Updated pic 2016