Gateshead Pubs starting with R (1)

This is a record of Gateshead pubs starting with R, that has ever been, as best as is known.

It's open if the name's in red, 
Go get a pint, with a frothy head. 
If its name's in brown, 
It's gone..brown bread...dead
If the name's been changed
It's in a blue hue
And the new name
Is provided for you


Birtley, Gateshead 
Rob's Visit: 6/2/04
Rob's Score: 6

As of 2016

Railway Hotel

White Mare Pool

1877-94 Joseph Ross
1938 William Teasdale

Railway Hotel/Station

Hill Street

1853 T. Ridley
1865 E. Hibbert

"Railway Hotel"

This is Brunswick Hotel..see the B page.. but this pic is for you to see Park Lane running up the right hand side of the Brunswick. This street had another pub called The Black Swan but otherwise comprised of terraced houses shown here

The "Railway Hotel" was at house number 66. It was a beer house allowed to exist under the 1830 Beer House Act enacted to bring down the price of beer. You went into a domestic parlour and drank home brewed beer. There were a very many beer houses and some did develop into pubs but almost all remained just as home brew houses. In Gateshead the Railway Hotel was probably the only one to give itself a pub name and in most trade directories over the years it isn't mentioned that it had a name. The name was used around about the time of a census and so it is now known to some genealogists who assume it was a public house. Indeed, I present this to you because an Australian family tree-er asked about The "Railway Hotel". If you want to know more about beer houses just Google and you'll learn lots

Railway Inn

7 Church Street, gone
1856-58  John Young
1882  Alfred Edmund Hall
1907-15  A. Fail & Co
1929-39  John Rowell & Son

Railway Tavern

Low Felling

1894 T. McIntyre

A Plug for a Pal

Ravensworth Arms 


Lamesley, Gateshead 
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As of 2016

1827-38 Luke Wilkin
1851-58 Joseph Edwards
1906 John Hardy
1934 William Hunter

Ravensworth Arms

High Heworth

1877-82 Charles Sibbald
1882 Robert Smith
1894 James Smith
1906 James Burns
1918 Mrs Ann Smith
1931-39 John Finnigan
Why did Finnigan's name last so long? In 2017 people still say it. Now named Fiddlers Three

Ravensworth Castle

Hutt Street

1853-58 W. Bainbridge

Ravensworth Country Club

Silver Hills, Gateshead 
Rob's Visit: 14/7/03
Rob's Score: 5

Now Park Farm Hotel

Red Bull

Bottle Bank

1790 William Wood

Redheugh Hotel

Askew Road West

This shows Askew Road Junction with Bank Street and Redheugh Road at right. Redheugh Bridge Road and Redheugh Hotel at left looking East.


1879 E. Young
1907 Mackay & Co

Red Kite

Winlaton Mill Gateshead


Was previously Golden Lion, as shown here

1939 John Turner

Red Lion 

Birtley, Gateshead 
Rob's Visit: 6/2/04
Rob's Score: 5

1858 J. Banks
1868 John Forster

As of 2016

Red Lion

in 1964..converted to separate houses

Photo as now split up into different dwellings

Eighton Banks

1894 Mrs Esther Simpson
1914-25 John Simpson

Red Lion

High Church Chare

1782 R. Foggin

Red Lion

Church Street, Blaydon, now Gone
1844 James Miller
1858 W. Adams
1868 Mrs Margaret Hunter
1915 A. Fail & Co
1934 Robert Burn
1939 John Rowell & Son

Red Lion

Cannon Street

1790 Robert Foggin

Red Lion

Heworth Shore

1827 William Hair

Red Lion


1827 Mary Stokoe
1838 J. Winship
1844 John Atkinson
1853 R. Carney
1865 Wm. Newton

Red Lion


1844 William Renwick
1865 Margaret Hunter

Refinery Inn


Richard Cobden Inn

In 1817 the Government had passed a new Corn Law. This law banned the import of foreign corn, with the intention of raising the price of local corn. However, the winter of 1815-16 was long and cold and the following summer was extremely wet, resulting in a bad harvest. The lack of corn meant that merchants were able to set high prices for their produce, which was very unpopular. In 1815 the people of Newcastle, Sunderland, Darlington and South Shields signed petitions in protest of the new law. But by 1817 the average price of corn on Tyneside had soared and there were many protests.

Richard Cobden helped to establish an Anti-Corn Law League which succeeded in reducing the duty on oats, barley and wheat. He later protested against Britain’s involvement in the Crimean conflict.

40 Chandless Street

1879 T. Holder
1900-07 Swinburne & Co

See additional pic

Rivers Edge Hotel

Formerly called Elephant on the Tyne

Rising Sun


1853 H. Gilhespie

Rising Sun 

Crawcrook, Gateshead 
Rob's Visit: 7/10/04
Rob's Score: 6 

19?? Joseph Bell
1934 G. E. Lamb

As of 2016

Rising Sun 

Sunniside, Gateshead  
Rob's Visit: 11/2/05
Rob's Score: 4       
No longer a pub a restaurant

Riverside Lodge


Dunston Gateshead. Formerly known  as Cross Keys 
Rob's Visit: 22/02/05
Rob's Score: 5
Now known as Metz

Robin Hood

Hillgate/Church Walk

1790 A. Totherick
1865 H. Gillespie
1879 J. Ranson
1907 E. Rowan

Rose & Crown 

Winlaton, Gateshead 
Rob's Visit: 9/5/05
Rob's Score: 3  

1858 C. Dixon
1865 John Dixon
1868 Mrs Ann Dixon
1882 Robert Robson
1921-31 R. Richardson Hurst
1934 Thomas Clark

As of 2016

Rose & Crown


1844 Luke Smith
1939 Robert Burn

Rose & Crown

Ballast Hills, East Gateshead

1827  Peter L. French

Rose & Crown


1811 Johnson
1844 John Welch

Rose & Shamrock 

Birtley, Gateshead
Rob's Visit: 29/2/04
Rob's Score: 5 
1934 Thomas Waters


Rose Shamrock & Thistle

Sunniside, Gateshead 
Rob's Visit: 4/6/04
Rob's Score: 6 
1934 William Risebero

As of 2016..  Since Oct 2012  an Italian Restaurant

Rose & Union

32 Hillgate, Gateshead

1827 James Ritchie


79 Pipewellgate

1858 Mrs G. B. Scott


100 Prince Consort Road

1879-1907 Swinburne & Co

Royal Oak


1853 J. Clark

Royal Oak Inn


1865 John Grundy
1874 J. Ivison
1921 Mrs Mary Ann Joicey
1934 John G. Carson

Royal Hotel

Dunston, Gateshead
Rob's Visit: 6/5/05
Rob's Score: 4

1907 Swinburne & Co.
1929-31 Newcastle Breweries
1934 Samuel Benson

As of 2016

Royal Oak 

Wrekenton, Gateshead 
Rob's Visit: 16/02/04
Rob's Score: 4
1827 William Angus
1865 John Henderson
1874 W. Stewart
1906-21 John Clark

1925-34 Joseph Clark

Updated pic 2016
Currently closed

Royal Hotel

Railway Street, Dunston

1902-18 Swinburne & Co
(1915 John Hudson, Manager)
1939 Newcastle Breweries

Royal Oak

Fore Street

1795 William Wood

Royal Oak

Bottle Bank

1782-90 John Hall

Royal Oak


1838 Thomas Abbot
1844 Elizabeth Abbot
1853 J. Clark

Royal Oak Inn

Back Street, gone
1882 William Summerside
1897 William Carson
1903-18 Mary A. Joicey
1925-31 William Carson
1935-39 John Carson

Royal Turf Hotel (aka Turf Hotel)

Collingwood Street
(Became for a while Green Mandolin)

1894 Johnson Boyd
1900 John Brown Makespeace
1907 Robert Deuchar Ltd
1939 Joseph Robson


Ryton, Gateshead 
Rob's Visit: 2/6/04
Rob's Score: 6

As of 2016

Ryton Hotel 

Ryton, Gateshead 
Rob's Visit: 7/10/04
Rob's Score: 5

Now closed   2016

Ryton Park Country House Hotel

Rob's Visit: 14/05/05
Rob's Score: 7