Gateshead Pubs starting with O

This is a record of Gateshead pubs starting with O, that has ever been, as best as is known.

It's open if the name is in red, 
Go get a pint, with a frothy head. 
If its name is in brown, 
It's gone..brown bread...dead
If the name's been changed
It's in a blue hue
And the new name
Is provided to you

Oak Tree Inn

Winlaton Mill

1844 Robert Smith
1897-1913 Thomas Massey
1915 John W. Tilley

Oakwellgate Brewery


1853 J. Hopper
1865 R. Hill

Odd Fellows Arms

Carr Hill

1846 William Brass

Oddfellows Arms

Reay Street, Bill Quay

1907-22 Patrick Woods (known as Paddy)
1929-31 Mariner Reay

Oddfellows Arms

Davison Street, Felling

1865 Margaret Armstrong
?        John Arkless
1877-82 John Scott (He went into liquidation in 1883)
1891-1918 Patrick Bennett (see name on photo)
1906-08 John McAlindon
1914-21 James Bennett
1925-39 James Deuchar Ltd
1929-34 Robert Chisholm

Old Brown Jug  

Deckham Gateshead 
Rob's Visit: 21/3/04
Rob's Score: 1

Now converted to flats.

See also Ye Olde Brown Jug, this building's predecessor and Brown Jug

Old Cross Keys


1838 Joseph Davie
1858 J & E Conolly

Old Fold Tavern

Felling Bypass

Old Nag's Head

59 High Street

1782 George Campbell
1844 Ann Appleby
1846 William Campbell
1853 W. Mould
1865 M. Collinson
1879 J. Bridge
1899-1918 R. Deuchar Ltd
1934 William Young
1940-50 Tot Anderson jnr


High St Gateshead 
Rob's Visit: 14/11/03
Rob's Score: 3


Updated pic 2017

It is now Spencers

Old Cannon 

Cannon Row, Deckham Gateshead. 
Rob's Visit: 6/8/03
Rob's Score: 4

1833-38 Joseph Withers
1844-48 Ephraim Patterson
1858-65 R. Clement
1907 J. Smiles
1915 R. Airey
1918-21 William Dodds
1929 Joseph Clarke
1934 Mrs Catherine Bolton

As of 2016, now a restaurant

Old Engine

Low Felling

1855 John Redshaw

Old Fleece

289 High Street, Gateshead

1865 C. Jackson & Co
1879 Mrs J. Railton
1934 Robert William Fox

Old Fox

Felling Gateshead 
Rob's Visit: 8/2/04
Rob's Score: 8

As of 2016

Old House Tavern/Inn

Front Street, Winlaton
(next to Highlander)

1903 Ernest Bunning
Name change to Old House Inn
1905 Anthony Raine
1907 William Hunter
1909 William Smith
1911 John Gilfillan
1913-18 Charles Beadling
1925 John Gilfillan
1929-31 Joseph Evans

Old Mill

77 West Street, Gateshead

1865 John B. Gregson
1879 J. Borthwick
1907-18  R. Deuchar Ltd
1934 J. Mather

Old Queen's Head

229 High Street

1838 P. J. Main

One Eyed Stag

5, The Square