Gateshead Pubs starting with O

This is a record of Gateshead pubs starting with O, that has ever been, as best as is known.

It's open if the name is in red, 
Go get a pint, with a frothy head. 
If its name is in brown, 
It's gone..brown bread...dead
If the name's been changed
It's in a blue hue
And the new name
Is provided to you

Oak Tree Inn

Winlaton Mill

1844 Robert Smith
1897-1913 Thomas Massey
1915 John W. Tilley

Oakwellgate Brewery


1853 J. Hopper
1865 R. Hill

Oddfellows Arms

Reay Street, Bill Quay

1915-22 Patrick Woods (known as Paddy)
1929-31 Mariner Reay

Oddfellows Arms

Davison Street, Felling

1865 Margaret Armstrong
?        John Arkless
1877-82 John Scott (He went into liquidation in 1883)
1891-1913 Patrick Bennett (see name on photo)
1906 John McAlindon
1921 James Bennett
1925-39 James Deuchar Ltd
1929-34 Robert Chisholm

Old Brown Jug  

Deckham Gateshead 
Rob's Visit: 21/3/04
Rob's Score: 1

Now converted to flats.

See also Ye Olde Brown Jug, this building's predecessor and Brown Jug

Old Cross Keys


1838 Joseph Davie
1858 J & E Conolly

Old Fold Tavern

Felling Bypass

Old Nag's Head

59 High Street

1782 George Campbell
1844 Ann Appleby
1853 W. Mould
1865 M. Collinson
1879 J. Bridge
1899-1918 R. Deuchar Ltd
1934 William Young
1940-50 Tot Anderson jnr


High St Gateshead 
Rob's Visit: 14/11/03
Rob's Score: 3


Updated pic 2017

It is now Spencers

Old Cannon 

Cannon Row, Deckham Gateshead. 
Rob's Visit: 6/8/03
Rob's Score: 4

1833-38 Joseph Withers
1844-48 Ephraim Patterson
1858-65 R. Clement
1915 R. Airey
1918 W. Dodds
1929 Joseph Clarke
1934 Mrs Catherine Bolton

As of 2016, now a restaurant

Old Engine

Low Felling

1855 John Redshaw

Old Fleece

289 High Street, Gateshead

1865 C. Jackson & Co
1879 Mrs J. Railton
1934 Robert William Fox

Old Fox

Felling Gateshead 
Rob's Visit: 8/2/04
Rob's Score: 8

As of 2016

Old House Tavern/Inn

Front Street, Winlaton
(next to Highlander)

1903 Ernest Bunning
Name change to Old House Inn
1905 Anthony Raine
1907 William Hunter
1909 William Smith
1911 John Gilfillan
1913-18 Charles Beadling
1925 John Gilfillan
1929-31 Joseph Evans

Old Mill

77 West Street, Gateshead

1865 John B. Gregson
1879 J. Borthwick
1915-18 R. Deuchar Ltd
1934 J. Mather

Old Queen's Head

229 High Street

1838 P. J. Main