Gateshead Pubs starting with G

This is a record of Gateshead pubs starting with G, that has ever been, as best as is known.
It's open if the name's in red, 
Go get a pint, with a frothy head. 
If its name's in brown, 
It's gone..brown bread...dead
If the name's been changed
It's in a blue hue
And the new name
Is provided to you



Swalwell, Gateshead. Formerly  Known as 
"The Poacher"
Rob's Visit: 8/2/05
Rob's Score: 7 

The old expression of Poacher turned Gamekeeper lives on here

 2016. Now Jashn Indian Restaurant

Gardeners Arms 


Carr Hill, Gateshead 
Rob's Visit: 21/3/04
Rob's Score: 4
This pub features in the book "The Apprentice of Split Crow Lane"
by Jane Housham

1866 James Harvey
1902 William English
1907 G. Bell
1915-18 J. Dobson
1934-37 J. N. Hetherington

Closed, burnt..


This is how it is currently

Gardeners Arms

271 Bensham Road

1907 N.Simm
1915-37 J. A. Simm

Gate Inn

1907-1911 Mrs Bridget O'Kane
1913 M. Jackson


Saltmeadows Road, Gateshead

See where it was, on map,  here

Gateshead Arms 

Low Fell  Gateshead 
Rob's Visit: 3/7/03
Rob's Score: 7  
It's had a face lift since this was taken.
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1841 Robert Hetherington
1846 W. Grange
1851 George Davison
1854-56 Charles Brinton
1858 J. D. Muers
1865 --Casson
1901-07 George Wilkinson
1906-34 Mrs Jane Anne Wilkinson
1935-39 H. Davidson
              Tommy Dawson
               Steve Barratt

In 2002 it was called Smart, but not for long

As of 2016

Geordie Ridley   

Blaydon Gateshead 
Rob's Visit: 7/10/4
Rob's Score: 4

Now demolished (Feb 2013)


Bottle Bank

1782 Richard Dungate
1795 Mrs Dungate

George III

High Street, Gateshead

1811 Lister/Rowland
1833 E. Tickle

George IV (Previously The Sovereign, subsequently Aletaster)

1846-65 Henry Tully
1879-1904 Mrs Jane McKie
1904-31 Arthur Henry Barnes
1931-41 John W. Carr
1941-47 Thomas Arthur Allan
1947 Horatio John Rhodes
1937-39 Newcastle Breweries
1934-38 John N. Frazer
1938 Paul Pilkington

Per Local Historian, Bob Dixon
"Jane McKie who applied for a licence renewal in the September of 1879. J Barras & Co Ltd took over ownership in 1888. Newcastle Breweries Old Properties Ledger (1890 - 1960) shows the acquisition of the pub on the formation of the brewery in 1890. Jane Mckie renewed the licence in 1891.
Jane Mckie applied for planning permission for many of the houses in the surrounding area including parts of Hutton Tce, Worley Avenue as well as the shops and houses you see directly opposite the pub. It’s also possible that Lockerbie House and Dryffe House adjacent to the inn were built by her, as they were constructed in the same era and the town of Lockerbie, with the river Dryffe running through was her place of birth. The licence was later transferred to
Arthur Henry Barnes in October 1904, then John W Carr in 1931, Thomas Arthur Allan in 1941, Horatio John Rhodes in 1947. The register then ends in 1955.
Trade Directories for 1934 and 1938 show J N Frazer then subsequently Paul Pilkington at the George IV. It is not clear though as to whether they were managers or not."

George IV

Church Street, Gateshead

1827 John Hindmarsh

George IV

25 Bridge Street, Gateshead

1833 William Kenmir

George & Dragon

27 Bridge Street, Gateshead

1811 Cail
1833 William Whitehead
1838 T. Hughes
1846 R. Pidcock
1850-53 J. Simm
1858 T. Baker

Glasgow House Inn

Derwentwater Road, Teams
Known as "The White House"
Long gone, as is the Foresters Arms ("The Coffin")..opposite to Garage/Service Station

Glass Makers' Arms

New Chatham, Pipewellgate

1846-50  J. Ingles
1853 G. Wright
1858 J. Robson



Deckham Gateshead 
Rob's Visit: 9/2/04
Rob's Score: 4  

As of 2016

Globe Inn


1912 William Lockie

Globe Inn

St. Edmunds Place

1865 M. A. Lewis
1907-18 H. Fail & Co.
1934 George G. Graham
1937 J. Rowell & Son

The Gloucester 

Rob's Visit: 22/7/03
Rob's Score: 6

As of 2017

Glynn's Head

Bottle Bank

1782 T. & W. Taylor
1782 J. Thompson

Goat Inn (the "Navvies")
(from about 1672)
Other names were
1616 Bell of the Hoop
1627 Spread Eagle

39 Bottle Bank
1782 Mrs Trotter
1790 Nicholas Weatherby
1795 Mrs Weatherby
1802 Mr Bertram

1811 Willie
1827 George Stobbart
1838-50 J. Turnbull
1853-65 Jane Ilderton
1869 R. Gibson
1907-18 Duncan & Daglish Ltd

See the actual Goat statue shown on the above picture at Gateshead's Shipley Art Gallery

Goat Inn

Church Street

1844 A. Turnbull

Golden Fleece

309 High Street

1865 Elizabeth Lunn
1907-37 J. Deuchar Ltd
1934 Robert Chisholm

Golden Lion Inn

Winlaton Mill  Gateshead  
Rob's Visit: 13/5/05
Rob's Score: 6  
Winlaton was once at the centre of the local steel industry when a Quaker nail- manufacturer moved here in 1691. He set up furnaces and forges on the River Derwent at Winlaton Mill. A number of men were injured or died in accidents at this forge, used for tempering steel. Reports claim it that a number of these men were carried to this building. Here, they died. Now a pub, it exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include a number of male ghosts from those days. A photograph taken in this pub appears to show a middle-aged man sitting in the background, slightly out of proportion to the rest of the bar room. It is believed that this is the ghost of one of the men killed at the forge.
Now called Red Kite
1897 Henry Crisp
1903-05 John T. Maughan
1907-15 Mrs Margaret Maughan
1921-39 John R. Turner

Gold Medal 

Low Fell Gateshead 
Rob's Visit: 23/7/04
Rob's Score: 8
Recently renovated. Food excellent

Gorilla Inn

This was a name for the Phoenix/Curley's

264 High Street

1865 Joseph Newton
1874 J. Lamb

Greenland Bear

Heworth Shore

1833-38 John Gray

Greenland Bear


See White Bear

Greenland Yard

Felling Shore

1827 Ridley & Co.

Green Tree Inn

Felling Shore

1855  William Ward
1900? Julia O' Donnell

Green Tree Inn

Barlow, near Winlaton

1865-68 John Roddam
1914-21 Maria Little
1934-38 James T. Morrison
1942  William Newton

The pub was totally destroyed by a bomb during World War II

Green Tree Inn


1858-68 John Henderson


Felling  Gateshead 
Rob's Visit: 9/2/04
Rob's Score: 2

Was called The Gray Hound after the publican called Gray, 

but now has reverted back to the proper spelling of the actual dog breed

1880 John McNaught
1894 Mrs Jane McNaught
1927 Mrs Isabella Harrison
1931 John M. Harrison
1939 Davison & Wood Ltd

As of 2016



Wardley, Gateshead. Formerly known as "The Dixielanders".
It is built on the site of "The White Mare Pool"
Rob's Visit: 10/4/05
Rob's Score: 7  

As of 2016

Green Mandolin (aka Turf Hotel & Royal Turf Hotel)

Felling  Gateshead 
Rob's Visit: 23/2/04
Rob's Score: 6  

Still closed, and ever more shall be so. Convert it to flats, somebody

Grey Horse

99 High Street, Gateshead

Used to hold inquests into accidents

1811 Trueman
1827-38 John Freeman
1844-50 Robert Blagburn (also an auctioneer)
1853 T. Richardson
1865 Edward Neilson
1879 J. Tait
1907-18 J. H. Graham Ltd

1934 Henry George Bisset

Grey Mare Inn

Eighton Banks

1906-14 George Armstrong
1925 John Brown
1934-38 Robert Gaffing

Grey Nags Head 

High St., Gateshead  
Rob's Visit: 15/8/03
Rob's Score: 6

1879 N. Simm
1907-15 J. Deuchar Ltd
1934 William A. Grieves

Updated photo 2016

Grindstone Inn/Tavern

Felling Shore

1848 Robert Wilkinson
1855 Isabella Wilkie
1877 Forster Stephenson
1880-82 Henry Beatie
1894 William Willshire


High St Gateshead 
High St., Gateshead  
Rob's Visit: 17/11/03
Rob's Score: 3

As of 2016

Guide Post

Springwell Village, Gateshead 
Rob's Visit: 4/4/04
Rob's Score: 5 

1934 Thomas Liddle

Technically this is Sunderland, not Gateshead

As of 2016