Gateshead Pubs starting with B (1)

This is a record of Gateshead pubs starting with B, that has ever been, as best as is known.
It's open if the name's in red, 
Get yourself a pint, with a frothy head. 
If its name is in brown, 
It's gone..brown bread...dead
If the name's been changed
It's in a hue of blue
And the new name
Is provided to you

This, randomly, is from a pub in Lindley, Huddersfield

Balmoral Tavern

A name, at one time, for Last Orders, also previously known as Cup and Coins. Now called Brandling Arms (further down this page)


Low Fell, Gateshead
Jon's Visit: 30/6/16
Jon's Score: 8
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Picture is here
38 Hillgate, Gateshead
1790-95 John Pattison
1811 Bolt
1827 Elizabeth Harding
1833 John Pidcock
1833-38 M. Brown
1844-65 John Dobson
1869 Mrs H. Dobson
1879 R. Lockey
1884 Peter O'Neill
1902-18 Davison & Wood

This is one of the adornments that were on the pub. It is now
in Gateshead Council's care

Bar Mondo

Low Fell Gateshead

Rob's Visit: 30/6/03
Rob's Score: 7

Rob: Had my first legal pint here on 5th August 1971.
Formerly known as The Crown

As Crown
1848-56 John Pattison
1858 Thomas Neilson

Now called Tap @ Carters Well

Barley Mow Inn

28 East Street

1879 Mrs H. Jones
1907-18 H. Fail & Co.

Barley Mow

Birtley Gateshead  

Rob's Visit: 6/10/03
Rob's Score: 5

Very little atmosphere.

Real Ale

As of 2016

1914 Henry Lamb
1934 George Cresswell

Barley Mow

East Street

1884 Harriet Jones
1934 George Gordon Graham

Barley Mow

(Later renamed Victoria Jubilee)
High Felling

1844-58 Thomas Dixon ...1855 Margaret Laverick ??
1858-77 Robert Wallace



1879 J. Quin
1884-86 Edward Boles
1906 Thomas Scott
1907 Mrs M. Scott

Bay Horse 


1827-33 Bartholomew Harrison

Bay Horse 

Windy Nook Gateshead

Rob's Visit: 4/7/03
Rob's Score: 6
Very nice Sunday roast.

1827 Roger Stephenson
1844 John Robson
1855 T. Stephenson
1858 T. Gray
1866-77 Matthew Simpson
1894 Mrs Ann Simpson
1903 Richard Bell
1906 Thomas Palmer
1931 John T. Wetherall
1934-39 James Calbert

As of 2016

Bay Horse

Felling Gateshead

Rob's Visit: 11/1/04
Rob's Score: 4

Rebuilt soon after April 1901 for John White. When built there were two doors, left and right, each with a canopy..see pic below

1938 Mrs Monica White

Closed, opened, closed, chip shop, closed
Now reopened again

Bay Horse 

Whickham Gateshead

Rob's Visit: 8/11/04
Rob's Score: 5

As of 2016

1844 John Chambers
1865-94 John Arkless
1914-39 John Buckhurst


Beacon Lough Gateshead

Rob's Visit: 11/9/03
Rob's Score: 2
Demolished. Not before time

Now a Co-op shop



Low Fell  Gateshead

Rob's Visit: 8/7/03
Rob's Score: 8
Very pleasant atmosphere to suit all ages

As of 2016
Was called the "Buck" until 1899
1827 Willy Almond
1874-76 T. Bell
1901 Isaac Tucker & Co
         E. Metcalf
1903 George Halliday
1907-18 J. Davidson

1925-29 J. G. Ratcliffe/J. G. Ratcliffe Ltd
1939 I. Tucker & Co.Ltd
1934 Robert Farrage


Askew Road West
The Beaconsfield Hotel was situated at the junction of Askew road and Watson Street, 320 Askew Road. The Beaconsfield Hotel first featured in the Trade Directories in 1894 and was later taken over by Davison and Wood Ltd in 1899. Still them in 1918. It was an irish pub and locally known as “Donny’s”.

1907 Davison & Wood
1934 Arthur Hadley


South Shore, Gateshead

1790 Joshua Forster


Primrose Place, Belle Vue Bank

1847 R Errington
1848-1851 Robert Brown
1855-6 William Bridon
    "      George Patterson
1856-8 Thomas Bell
1884 Jane Snowball
1901-8 James Pigdon Taylor
1918 Mrs M. Hutchinson
1921 Herbert William Hutchinson


No Pic
Felling Shore
1827-33 George Noble
1838 John Noble
1855 John Douglas
1858 D. Spedding
1865 E. Huntley
1894 John Noble
1914-29 Mary Lumsden


Bridge Street, Blaydon

Durty Nellie's former name

Low Felling

1844 Andrew Oliver
1855-58 Joseph Drummond
1877 John Stephenson
1880 George Stephenson
1894 John Stewart
1903-18 Robert Deuchar Ltd
1906 Ralph Fenwick
1914 Charles Bussey
1914 Charles Rivett
1919 Mary Freeman
1929 R. Nichols
1934-38 Robert Chisholm

Bell of the Hoop
Goat Inn's name in 1616

Belle Vue

Took over the Moulders Arms licence

Low Fell Gateshead

Rob's Visit: 7/7/03
Rob's Score: 4

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Updated photo 2016
1874 First Appeared in Trade Directories
1874 J. H. Kean
1884 John E. Dodds
1901-03 John Chipchase & Co ( Managers 1901 George Halliday, 1903 Edward James Hardy)
1907-14 Edward James Hardy
1915-25 Wears & Watson Ltd
(1921 Thomas Watson)
1929-39 J.P.T. Wears
196*-6* Mr. ? Fish 
The Beaconsfield publican at this time was not Mr. Fish but Mr. Phipps

Bensham Jockey

Previously called The Ravensworth Hotel after the street behind (Ravensworth Terrace)
And from that street, in 1985, came the houses in the Town at Beamish

Here's the proof the houses are now not here....

Bensham Gateshead

Rob's Visit: 4/12/03
Rob's Score: 5 

As of 2016 

Berwick House

High Street

1848 John Baty

Bird Inn

Bill Quay



Blaydon Gateshead 

Rob's Visit: 7/2/05
Rob's Score: 2

As of 2016
19 Shibdon Road. The Bisley Hotel opened in 1894. The licence was transferred from the
Beehive pub on Bridge Street after it closed. The first landlord was Edward Adams who
was from Bisley in Surrey, hence the pub's name

1894 Edward Adams
1902-39 Robert Deuchar Ltd
1934 John Hall Gee

Black Horse 

Low Fell Gateshead
Dates from 1798  
2.25 Centuries

Rob's Visit: 2/7/03
Rob's Score: 10

1827-1834+ Thomas Urwin
1840-ish Geordy Grundy
1847 Edward Liddell
1848 James Weatherit
1855-56 John Proudlock
1868 William Foster
1868 George Lowery
1873 T. Lowery
1879-1914 James Wardle (35 years)

1914-1925+ William Wardle

1929-1939 Newcastle Breweries
1929 Wm Carr
1934 Edward Rowan Adamson
?     - 1984 Bill Coxon
1984 to date Tim Robinson

Real Ale

Updated photo 2016

Black Horse

Barlow, Nr. Winlaton, Gateshead.

Rob's Visit: 30/3/06
Rob's Score: 7
1858-68 Matthew Atkinson
1906 John Elliott
1914-21 Mrs Hudson Gowland
1934-38 William Crawford Roddham

A very nice pub in a good location with a fabulous view.
Have two guest Ales as well as a range of beers and lagers.
Watch out for the Red Kites

As of 2016

There were two pubs in tiny Barlow. The Green Tree Inn is shown at the top of this map but it was bombed to oblivion in 1942

Find out all about The Spike

The only pub in the village and named after the local land and mine owner