Gateshead Pubs starting with A

This is a record of Gateshead pubs starting with A, that has ever been, as best as is known.
It's open if the name is in red, 
Go get a pint, with a frothy head. 
If its name is in brown, 
It's gone..brown bread...dead
If the name's been changed
It's in a blue hue
And the new name
Is in brackets for you

Admiral Rodney

(Admiral Rodney of the Royal Navy performed well in the American War of Independence, particularly his victory over the French in 1782.)

Bottle Bank

1782 G. Henderson


20 Albert Street, Gateshead

1879-85 R. Major
1902 T. E. Lawson
1907-18 R. Deuchar Ltd
1934 Thomas G. Colton

Albion Inn

The word Albion is a poetic name for Great Britain and is thought to derive from the Latin 'Albus' or 'White.' This Roman term arose from the whiteness of the cliffs on Britain's southern coast

Albion Inn, Bill  Quay, Gateshead   23/5/04
A good atmosphere with friendly and helpful staff.
Excellent view down the Tyne. [8]

Here is the Albion back when.

1877-79 John Staward
1894-1908 William Maddison
1929-1939 Wilkinson & Co 
1914-18 Ernest E. Douglass
1934 Mrs Elizabeth Curry

Jess and Alison McConnell acquired the Albion and in 2002 they formed Jarrow Brewery operating then from the Robin Hood pub in Jarrow.They continued to run the Albion as a real ale pub but started converting it into a private dwelling in 2010. The Albion is no more. It is an ex-pub

Started the conversion in 2010 but it's still, in 2016, a building site


177 High Street, Gateshead

1848-50 William Hymers
1853-65 John Goodfellow
1865-70  Mrs I Goodfellow
1879 Mrs S. E. Hall
1902 J. Mackay & Co
1906 George Bell
1907-18 Bell Brothers
Sir John Fitzgerald
1934 Alex Shepherd

(was George IV and before that, Sovereign)

The Aletaster, 706 Durham Road Low Fell Gateshead  NE9 6JA

Rob's Visit: 9/7/03
Rob's Score: 8

Well known in Gateshead for its extensive range of real ales. If you're over 30 and enjoy the art of conversation this is the pub for you. It started out as the Sovereign and then changed its name to the George IV. This is a photo of it when it was the George IV 

 It's history


The Battle of the Alma (20 September 1854), which is usually considered the first battle of the Crimean War (1853–1856), took place just south of the River Alma ...

Hopper Street, Gateshead

1934 John Brady


10 Nun's Lane, Gateshead

1869 H. Bainbridge
1879 P. Adams
1902 Mrs J. Murray
1907 J. Gorman
1915 R. Wilson
1918 J. Todd


Felling Shore

1855 Joseph Emmerson
1858 W. Lowther
1865 Roger Walker
1877 Robert Lightfoot
1906 Joseph Rowley
1914 Chas. Robert Anderson
1914-15 Richard Nicholson
1929 Thomas Clark
1931 Robert Deuchar Ltd

Anchor Inn
(Tudor Rose)


1844 John Young
1858 J. Daglish
1865 Thomas Fulthorpe
1889 Robert Fulthorpe
1902 Robert Geo. Soulsby
1914 John Edwards
1915 James Porter
1929-34 J. M. Bruce
1939 John Rowell & Son Ltd

Angel View

Angel View Inn, Low Fell Gateshead 

Rob's Visit: 9/7/03
Rob's Score: 7

Opposite the Angel Of The North on the A167.Family

As of 2016


423 High Street, Gateshead

1879 C. Brown
1902-1939 James Deuchar Ltd
1934 Robert Chisholm


The Artichoke name is believed to come from crusading origins

1782 W. Hardy

Askew Arms

120 Askew Road, Gateshead

1879 J. Hall
1902-18 Swinburne & Co
1934 John William Carr


Corner of High Street & Jackson Street, where, later, Jackson the Tailor's shop was built
148 High Street

1811 Mr Graham
1827-33 Thomas Eyons
1838 E. Eyons
1848 Robert Hutchinson
1844 Francis Pearson
1850-53 R Mitchinson
1859 C. G. Forster
1869 J. Cook
1879 T. Shepherd
1902-18 Swinburne & Co
1934 Mathew Porter
1939 T Eyons

Azure Blue 

Azure Blue Bensham, Gateshead

Rob's Visit: 1/9/03
Rob's Score: 3

Only redeeming feature is that I had my wedding
reception there on 23rd March 1974. Was a
decent pub then.

As of 2016