Gateshead Pubs starting with S
Part 2

Skiff Inn

Swalwell,  Gateshead  

Rob's Visit: 15/5/04
Rob's Score: 7

1865 Jane Walker
1918 H. Fail & Co.
1929-31 George W. Arkless
1934 John McPhail Bruce

1931-39 J. Rowell & Son Ltd

2016. Was The Skiff the 'The' has been dropped

Slipway Inn

Bill Quay

1894 James Quinn

Smith's Arms

Pipewellgate, Gateshead

1782 R. Parkinson
1790 Andrew Bell

Smith's Arms


1858 J. Fulthorp

Smith's Arms Inn

Front Street, Winlaton

1844 Robert Forster
1858 T. Reed
1865 Susannah Daglish
1903-05 Thomas Thompson
1921-34 Edward R. Wilkinson

Sovereign (became George IV and then Aletaster)

1827 Esther Clark

Spade & Rake

(sometimes listed as Rake & Spade)

Corner Durham Road/Belle Vue Bank
in Fountain House

1827 John Martin
1847 R. Smart

Speed the Plough


1873 J. Corvill
1894 Phelix McLeavy


High Street

Formerly O'Keefes

Sportsman Inn


1868 Robert Brown

Spread Eagle
Name for Goat Inn in 1627


Shipcote Gateshead  21/11/03 (6) Demolished

1939 Ind Coope & Allsop Ltd

Springwell Inn

Springwell  Gateshead 
Rob's Visit: 26/9/04
Rob's Score: 7  

1865 R. Forster
1906-25 Mrs Annie Crone
1934 M. Bamling
1938-39 John Coulson Watson

As of 2016

Squire's Arms

Heworth Shore

1858 W. Bell
1877-82 Robert Fittes
1894 Charles W. Fawcett

Staith Inn

River Street, Pelaw

1931 Thomas G. Colton
1934 George Colton
1939 Mathew Armstrong

Staith House Inn


1877 William Wears
1882 George Bryson
1894 George Simms


32 High West Street

1879 G. Brown
1934 George Colton
1907-39 R. Deuchar Ltd

Station Hotel 


Rob's Visit: 18/11/03
Rob's Score: 5  
See also Railway Station

1874 M. Johnson
1879 J. O. Maddison
1934 John William Carr
1939 Newcastle Breweries Ltd

Found here

2016 Getting a refurb. Close to opening

Station Hotel

41 Tyne Street, Blaydon
now gone
1929-39 Robert Deuchar Ltd
1931-34 Robert P. Hymers

Station Hotel


1934 Archibald Allen

Station Hotel

Brandling Tce, High Felling

1931 Calder & Co Ltd

Station Hotel

Whickham Road, Swalwell

1894 James Walker
1918 Thomas H. Grey
1931-34 Mrs Margaret White Grey

Station Hotel

Carlisle Street, low Felling

1894 Peter McPhee

Station Hotel

Heworth Shore

1931 James Deuchar Ltd

Steam Boat

Church Street Hillgate, Gateshead

1838 Michael Nicholson
1853 J. Nicholson
1865 M. Slater
1879 M. Gilhespie
1907 G. Gilhespie

Stella Staith Inn

1844 John Softley
1918-29 John William Carr
1931John Heath
1934 William Ogle
1939 Robert Snowdon

Hit by incendiary bomb during WWII

Stirling House  

Bensham,  Gateshead 
Rob's Visit: 12/8/03
Rob's Score: 5

                                                                             As of 2017

Stone Trough

Facebook Page
see Jolly Miller...its former name
Called the Stone Trough because it is located where Marshall's Farm stood.
There was a stone trough at the entrance to the farm. Marshall's were done for buying in 'lion' eggs
and rubbing off the lion, and selling on at a premium 'farm fresh' price. As a kid I always imagined that they used the stone trough to remove the lion marks..fancy calling a pub after a crime scene!!


Swalwell, Gateshead       
Rob's Visit: 28/02/05
Rob's Score: 3

1865-94 Edward M. Forster
1894 Mrs Mary Ann Forster
1918 Mary Jane Shepherdson
1934 John William Carr
1939 John Dixon

                                                                              As of 2017


226 High Street, Gateshead

1827 Elizabeth Davison
1838 H. Davidson
1844 Thomas Hunter
1853 Mary Robson
1865 Roger Sinclair



1782 T. Lashly
1790-1811 Robert Todd
1827 Ann Jackson
1838 R. Pidcock
1844 Richard Taylor



1811 Gillemoor


Chow Dene, Low Fell

1827 Mary Gardner


Windy Nook Gateshead 
Rob's Visit: 6/7/05
Rob's Score: 5  
Formerly Windy Nook Social Club
Recently refurbished.Well
worth a visit.

                                                                                    As of 2016

Swan..see also White Swan


Sheriff Hill  Gateshead 
No longer a
pub. Now flats


Heworth  Gateshead 
Rob's Visit: 20/7/03
Rob's Score: 4

1855-82 William Hindmarsh
1894 John Roy
1918 A. H. Higginbottom & Co Ltd
1934 John William Carr
1931-9 Newcastle Breweries

                                                                                     As of 2016


29 Swan Street

1844 William Hunter
1865 Margaret Graham
1879 T. Deighton
1907 J. W. Foord


Park Street, Gateshead

1838 W. Mold
1853 W. Hunter



1844 Sarah Bullman
1865 Henry Hurst