Gateshead Pubs starting with N

This is a record of Gateshead pubs starting with N, that has ever been, as best as is known.
It's open if the name is in red, 
Go get a pint, with a frothy head. 
If its name is in brown, 
It's gone..brown bread...dead
If the name's been changed
It's in a blue hue
And the new name
Is provided to you

Nag's Head

22, High Street, Gateshead

1795 Thomas Guthrie
1811 Lee
1827 Thomas Wood
1833 William Stobart

Nag's Head

93 High Street, Gateshead

1833 Eleanor Wood
1844-53 Eleonor Wakefield
1865 M. Atkinson

Nag's Head

Below Tollbooth

1782 Thomas Guthrie


South Shore

1865 Ann Elliott
1879 W. H. Tait

Neptune Tavern

1844-46 William Rennison
1853 J. Elliott
1858 Miss A. Elliott

Neville Hotel

123 High Street West

1879 J. Armstrong
1907-18 H. Fail & Co.
1934 Robert Burn

New Bensham Arms   

Rob's Visit: 21/11/03
Rob's Score: 5  

As of 2016

Now Nursery House Working Mens' Club

New Bridge

2 Bridge Street

1879 R. White
1907 J. W. Ditchburn
1915-18 C. Beadling

New Cannon

Sheriff Hill, Gateshead

1833 Robert Clement
1838 Jane Stephenson

New Collingwood

1939 Vaux C & Sons

Dunston Gateshead     Closed at present
Will not re-open.
To become Flats.

As of 2016

New Gateshead Inn

Hawks Street, Saltmeadows

The New Gateshead Inn is shown at the bottom of this map. The pubs Saltmeadows House and Gate Inn are also shown on the map. Another public house is shown as P. H. on Deptford Road. This is called Deptford House

Inside of New Gateshead Inn. For exterior pic see here
1879-1909 Robert S. Chisholm
1881 Thomas Dobson
1909-1939 Edward S. Chisholm


New Inn


1838 E. Brown
1858 G. Foreman
1865 William Phillips

New Inn (Winlaton New Inn)


1858 J. Soulsby
1882 Georgina Hurst
1897 Annie Siddle
1903-07 John Chipchase
1911 John Dixon
1913 John Thompson
1918 John McGuiness
1921-25 Richardson R. Hurst
1929-31 T. Stewart

Nine Pins 

Low Fell Gateshead  16/7/03

Video found here
Now named Park View Inn


 Lobley Hill, Gateshead
Rob's Visit: 8/11/04
Rob's Score: 2