Gateshead Pubs


Hi, I'm Jon Bratton. This website is a sister site to Gateshead History 1 Gateshead Pictorial History and Gateshead Grammar

I've taken over the running of this website from my brother Rob Bratton who, having retired, in 2003/2004 decided to have a pint in every pub in the Borough of Gateshead . Oh yes, it took him a while but he felt somebody should do it....have a pint, record the date, make a comment, give it a score and take a photograph. The basis of this website is the record of his dedicated quest. In each pub entry, the first photograph is his and the first entry is the date of his visit and his comment/score.The header to this website is not what Rob saw while carrying out this task but is from Andy Williamson's magnificent collection of pictures of gateshead . 

Of course, it will evolve, indeed while in Rob's control it did evolve to include historic photos which I made available to him as I was developing the Gateshead History website. It will evolve stay tuned

The following images are related to the Black Horse on Kells Lane, Low Fell which has a special connection to our family, as according to our father, the BH, his local was 39 steps from our house. We've all (Four sons and several grandsons) treated the BH as our local from time to time but none more so than Rob who used to hold court there any day you cared to call. The following BH related images are all from Rob's original website

How come the Black Horse had this shirt draped over its roof?

Why the Black Horse? Because that's where this wheeze was plotted...allegedly


Here, the keeper of the sign, as was the expression back then, was James Wardle and I recall seeing another Wardle, his son or father on another old pic. In my Dad's day it was Bill Coxon and the current one is Tim Robinson

Back in Thomas Wilson's day when he wrote his poem The Pitman's Pay he makes a reference to Geordy and the notes explain that the keeper of the sign of the Black Horse, one of the first houses on the Low Fell was Geordy Grundy for organised "cock fightin', cuddy racin' and all other pitman's amusements on pay night

Remember, the garage/car saleroom next door, before it morphed into a restaurant

These are paintings by Jim Harker hung in the lounge of the BH